Splendid Amalfi Coast holiday and lovely trekking on the Path of Gods to Positano from Agerola

Walking and trekking are one of the main attractions of Agerola: the paths which are suspended between the sky and sea, are in fact the preferred destination for an ever increasing number of walkers, and in a short amount of time it is possible to wind amongst the luscious vegetation of the Lattari Mountains and down towards the clear blue waters of the Amalfi Coast. Not only breathtaking views, but culture, art and thousand years old traditions are also on offer: on request the hotel can organise excursions led by expert guides in the local area so that you can enjoy the breathtaking views offered by the Path of the Gods, Paipo, the Lauritano Castle, Mt Vottara and the artistic treasures of secluded little churches and imposing castles.


Sentiero Degli Dei: (8KM) from Bomerano’s square a very picturesque path takes to Positano. Along the way one reaches the “Biscuit’s cave” (Grotta del Biscotto) where geological rocks and ancient wellings embedded on them can be admired. After passing over the Colle Serra crest the amazing and unique panorama overlooking the Sorrentine Peninsula is simply divine.


Sentiero delle fonti: (5 KM) Next to the “Leggia” water’s spring in Campora, a pathskirts in a green valley along the Penise river betweenchestnut woods. On the way can be admired some ancient craggy refuges and the ruins of an old borbonian powder magazine. Later many springs: FiubanaSan Giuliano, Acqua Fredda and finally at 1000 meters there is the Vracciara spring with an astonishing view of mount Vesuvio and tha Gulf of Naples.


Hawk’s Peak path: : (6 KM) A secular mule’s track made of large steps departing from San Martino’s square in the hamlet of Campora, reaches up to the Pontechito, a beautiful ledge with a view over all Agerola’s valley. Further on one reaches the Hawk’s peak above the Vene’s hill overlooking Amalfi, Ravello and Salerno.


Praia’s path: (4 KM) Departing from Bomerano’s square a mule track brings to Santa Barbara. Continuing to the right under the Santa Barbara’s cave, the path crosses the Praia Rio on to Praiano and Vettica Maggiore. Reaching the main coastal road, next to S. Luke’s church steep stairways lead to Cala di Rezzola.


Three Calli’s path: (6KM) Starting from Bomerano’s square going up towards Pendola and Paipo past the Casino house (ancient house) as far as Capo Muro’s ridge turning south along the Calavrice crest reach mount Three Calli with a 360 degree view overlooking Agerola and the Amalfi Coast


Giant’s Teeth path: (7KM) Behind S. Pete’s church in Pianillo there is a mule track that goes up to Locoli and the Sughero’s hill, where intersecting the “High Lattari’s way” and going west rounding the pyramidal shape of mount S.Angelo one reaches the Blessed Water’s cave. Asmall climb will bring on top of the Lattari chain’s highest peak.